Life is full of firsts.  

Christianity 101

First words, first day of school, first car, first kid, first day someone calls you "ma'am" or "sir," first gray hair...  We've all had some of these firsts, and life is sure to bring a bunch more.   It's important to embrace the "firsts" of life.  

At Calvary, we understand that it may be your first time at church.  It may even being your first time hearing about Jesus.  We don't expect you to walk through the doors knowing everything about the Bible, about Jesus, or about church.  That's why we have Ignite.

Even if you’ve been a Christian for a long time sometimes we just need to get back to the basics.  if you just became a Christian, or if you haven’t made a decision yet whether or not you even believe any of this "Jesus stuff," and have questions that need answers, Ignite might be the place for you to find them. 

Come check us out on a Sunday morning. 

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