Women's Bible Studies


  1. Women’s Sunday School class – Tea and Truth – coordinated by Mimi King and Ruth Peterson. This class follows the calendar of regularly scheduled Sunday School classes, starting 9/10/17. This class has a strong small group feel to it, with lots of interaction and discussion. This year’s book for discussion is TBD, but the class will start the fall by finishing a Max Lucado book they were working on last spring. Meets in the Tower Room of the main church building.

  2. Women’s Sunday School class – Discipling Women – coordinated by Sandy Fuller. This class follows the calendar of regularly scheduled Sunday School classes. We are now beginning our new topic, The Holy Spirit, for the second half of the year, and welcome new members. Meets in Room 301 lower auditorium.

  3. Wednesday Morning Bible Study – coordinated by Linda Arey. This group has been meeting for more than 35 years! This group follows the regular schedule of the church – taking summers off – and starts 9/13/17. It meets from 9:30-11-ish a.m. at the church. Meetings start with coffee and breakfast, followed by a devotional, and finally a discussion on the book of the year. This year’s book will be on I John, II John, and III John. Meets in the Fellowship Hall across the RR tracks from the main church building.

  4. Zumba and Bible Study
    Thursday night, Jan. 4th 2018, Betsy Migliori and Sandy Fuller will partner to bring you a one-two punch toward achieving your health and fitness goals for 2018! From 6-6:45 pm Zumba will be offered by Betsy in the church gym. From 7-8pm Sandy will facilitate the Bible study Freedom From Emotional Eating.  There is no fee for either parts of this class. The workbook for the Bible study costs $20 and can be paid the first night of class. If you can’t do the Zumba section, join us in the church gym at 6:45 for bible study. To register, email sandyf48@hotmail.com. We need 8 to do a class. The class will replace the previously offered Saturday morning class on Freedom From Emotional Eating.