Q. What do you believe about the Bible?

A. This is a big question, but we’ll try and offer a concise answer.

Basically, we believe that the Bible is authoritative, holding power and authority over us, our ideas, preferences, and desires.

We believe that the Bible is authoritative because it is sourced in God, inspired by Him and reveals His presence. So, our passion is to study the scriptures not to simply learn the bible, but to know the heart of God.

We don’t sit over the text in an effort to study it, impose our preferences and expectations upon it, and then tell everyone else how to live – we want to study scripture to become more like the God who inspired it.


Q. What about your doctrine?

A. Our doctrinal statement is a list of our core beliefs.  You can find it in the “I am NEW HERE” tab under "What We Believe", or better yet, you can come talk to one of our Pastors.  They’d be glad to answer any questions you have about Calvary.

Q. What do I wear to your church?

A. Preferably clothes.  Just wear what you feel most comfortable in besides your bare skin.

Q. What makes you different from the rest of “them?”

A. If by “them” you mean churches that are legalistic, judgmental or arrogant, well, perhaps we’re not any different. You see, all churches are made up of people who are broken and wounded and in various states of spiritual disrepair. And sometimes we speak and act like children who are mad because we didn’t get our own way, and when we do that, other people get wounded in the process. We know that Calvary is no exception. All we can say is that on those occasions when we (or any other followers of Jesus) are hurtful to others because of our wrong attitudes and actions, we sincerely desire to confess our sins and ask forgiveness and try to represent Jesus more accurately the next time.

Q. So... are you Republicans or Democrats?

A. Yes.

And perhaps some Independents and Greens, also.  We don’t ask people what their political affiliation is, nor do we have any expectations of what it should be.  As Jesus’ Church is not tied to any race, country, educational institution or income level, neither is it tied to any political party or form of government.  As followers of Jesus, we are to be “salt and light” in all areas of society, and that means bringing the truths and principles of God’s thinking to bear on whatever place of service God has called us to, including political offices. As Christians, we see it our duty to engage with politics, but our equal duty never to let our politics consume our Christianity.

Q. Is Calvary Baptist the right church for me?

A. Maybe.

I think it is important to note that the idea of “church” has taken on a life of its own with a certain set of expectations and stereotypes for individuals in search of "spiritual goods and services". 

In the end, Calvary is not about providing religious goods and services. What we are is a gathering of people loved by God who are learning to love Him back. Period.

We’re not about catering to anyone, but we do hope that anybody can feel comfortable when they walk through our doors.  We’ve got some people who wear suits and ties, and others with purple hair –  some who like guitars and drums, and others who like the organ and choirs.  We won’t judge you, and all we ask is that you check your expectations at the door.

In the end, just come check us out. 

We hope you’ll connect.