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The Senegal Partnership

This partnership is a three way partnership between Calvary Baptist Church, World Venture, and the Eglise Evangelique Baptist Church of Thies, in the country of Senegal, West Africa. The origin of this ministry was a decision on the part of our Church to adopt a strategic focus - a targeted ministry involving hands-on work that best fits the strengths and gifts of the Church.  The focus which Calvary has selected is a commitment to a multi-year partnership with a single village in the country of Senegal.

The Church in Thies is strong and has a clear call and vision to reach out in their country.  These Senegalese Christians know best how to work with their own people, and we are submitted to their leadership of this ministry. WorldVenture has missionaries on the ground in Senegal who are able to provide support and cross-cultural guidance. Our part includes prayer, financial support, relationship-building, and lending credibility and strength to the work of the nationals.

Our Church has made a total of six visits to the country, and on the second trip selected the village of Ngollar for our partnership. The early ministry involves relationship building, children’s programs, and health clinics. Later, we will likely become more deeply involved in the social and physical needs of the Village, including medical programs, agricultural work, water supply systems, and other humanitarian outreach. An additional goal for our own Church is to encourage and support the calling of missionaries from within our congregation and become a more outwardly focused church.