Why do I need to join a Men's Group?

Let's face it guys - we bond differently.  A head nod on the way out the door can mean the same thing as a big hug.  We get it.  You might ask, "So why do I need to get all "touchy feely" and share my personal life with a bunch of other guys?  Can't I just shake hands and walk away like "real men" do?"

Men's Small Groups

Here's the truth: Real men need each other.  And not just to help jack up a house or drag a moose out of the woods.  We need support from each other when life's circumstances start to crash in on us.  We need each other when we're having difficulty in our relationships.  We need each other when we're not feeling connected with God.  Maybe you're saying to yourself, "but I've got it all together!"  Great.  If you do, come help some other guys get it together.  Because let's face it - most of us don't have it together.

Join a Men's Group.  Read the Bible with each other.  Pray together.  Be better - better men, better husbands, better dads, better friends.  Be a better man of God; a man after God's heart like David was.  Study the men of the Bible: Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Paul, Peter - and Jesus. 

Be like them.