I'm new.  What do I need to know?

Calvary Baptist Church is a gathering of people who are loved by God and are learning to love Him back.  We are a community that is dedicated to helping sinful people become committed followers of Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to share the love of God in a way that is meaningful, practical, and easily understood. We use a blend of contemporary and traditional music, and messages that dig deep into the Living Word of God. Through music, teaching and community we seek to demonstrate that God has a greater plan for each of us, and desires us to be in a relationship with Him - not just on Sundays.


Calvary Baptist Church

61 State St.
Brewer, ME 04412
(207) 989-3912


What are the Essentials?

We’re all about Jesus.  Once we get that, the rest just kind of falls into place. We aren't real big on “religion,” but rather relationship -- with Jesus and with each other. Jesus talked a lot about doctrine and the interpretation of the Bible, but He did that after showing people how much He loved them cared about them. We are trying to follow His model.

When it comes to doctrine, we believe there are truths and positions that should be held with a closed hand (the essentials of the faith), as well as truths and positions that should be held more lightly (the non-essentials of the faith). The essentials form the core of who we are as a Christian church and, in our view, are not open for debate. These doctrines are found on our What We Believe page.

On the other hand, the non-essentials are ideas and concepts, which followers of Jesus hold with varying positions, and we believe there is room in the church family for different views. Some examples of these of these doctrines include: the age of the world, the existence of certain spiritual gifts, or the timing of "how the world ends". Our church teaches specific views on these things, but we don’t require anybody to believe exactly as we do in order to join us.