Sunday Morning Series by Pastor Dan Russell

Resurrection Ours:

Jesus is Rejected:

"By Whose Authority?":

True Faith is Effective; Dead Faith will be Rejected:

I Once was Blind:

"Self, or Serve?":

What Money Cannot Buy:

Surrendering All to Gain All:

"Till Death Do Us Part":

Cut it Out, or Cut it Off:

The Surprising Redefinition of "Greatness":

"A Foretaste of Glory Divine":

To Follow Christ:

The Glasses Come Off:

Heart Issues, part 2:

Heart Issues, part 1:

Hidden in Plain Sight:

Waves Come Crashing:

Simple, Practical Love (from Leviticus):

"Shema": (from Deuteronomy 6:1-9)

The Flip Side of Godly Favor:

To Follow is to Go:

When the Gospel is Rejected:

A New Take on Life:

Lord of our Troubles:

Lord of the Storm:

True Discipleship Doesn't just Believe, but Grows:

Called to be a Family:

The Other Side of Good News:

Called to Follow Him:

How the Fight Began:

Grace Wins:

The Time for Celebrating is NOW!:

The All-Sinners' Hospital:

Through the Roof:




Gone Fishing: 

The Kingdom Comes:

Highs and Lows:

Preparing the Way:

The Beginning: