At Calvary, our Adult Small Groups and classes are essential to our church’s mission of community and caring both inside and outside of our walls.  Wherever you are in your faith with Jesus, we have a group for you. 

Sunday Groups

What's new for 2018/2019?

A Purpose Driven Life, led by Steve Linnell

What is my life’s purpose? What things are there to do that will have eternal meaning and worth? Do I have clarity on my own values, priorities and goals? Am I living daily by my values, priorities and goals? This class will explore these questions using the Bible and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. We will also take time for weekly fellowship, share prayer requests and pray for one another. Location: downstairs next to kitchen

Practical Christianity, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, led by Bill Leighton

Paul addressed the Thessalonians, but his instructions apply to all Christians in the Body of Christ throughout the ages. Our study will cover a variety of spiritual concerns, including but not limited to: characteristics of the Christian life, standing firm, living in the shadow of His coming, comfort at the grave, living Christianly, changed lives, integrity, sex drive, work, dealing with spiritual conflict, definitions of a good Church and True Minister…and many more topics. Location: upper auditorium/sanctuary

Family Life, led by Fran and Doug Palmeter

We grow in the context of relationship with God, each other, and the lost. This is true of our kids as well as ourselves. Jesus came full of grace and truth; we want to relate the same way. Family life is more than a class, it’s about being connected to God and others. Come and join us, come when you can. Family Life is for those with families, with kids and without, ages 20’s and 30’s.

Act Like Men, led by Steve Sloan and Dan Russell

A study for men. Our culture sometimes paints an unsavory and unseemly picture of manhood. The standard for how a man acts and conducts himself continues to be lowered. Unfortunately, too many men follow the way of the world, instead of embracing the call of God - who sees their role very differently. This study seeks to deepen men’s understanding of the Bible, and guide men in their responsibility to be watchful and trust God in all areas of life. Location: lower auditorium

Eschatology, led by Sandy Fuller

A study for women. Eschatology is the study of the end times theology; specifically, it relates to the Christian doctrine of the 2nd coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, and the last judgements. This class will seek to explain what Eschatology is and why we should study it. Location: fellowship hall

Ladies’ Discussion Group, led by Ruth Peterson and Mimi King

We will be continuing with the book by Max Lucado, Experiencing the Heart of Jesus. This study is designed to be a very unique approach to bringing people closer to the very heart and soul of Jesus, and to help them have a more intimate knowledge of how His gospel flows through His relationship with us and our relationships with others. Location: room 301, downstairs off lower auditorium