What to Expect

What is Calvary like? 

While attending church may be a new experience for you, we don’t want it to be a stressful one.  We want to give everyone the chance to find their way and feel comfortable.  If you have questions, ask anyone around you and you’ll get a judgment-free answer.

Here is how things usually happen…

We have Adult Small Groups and Orange for our kids at 9:00, followed by coffee and tea in our Lower Auditorium at 10:00.  Following that, our worship service begins at 10:30 am.

We first spend some time singing a song, or reading something out of the Bible. We often take a few minutes to talk about our community, what is going on and filling people in on the details. We then continue with a time of worship - singing some more and hearing words about Jesus from the Bible.

During this time, some people sit and some stand; some sing and some listen. For us, what is important is that people's hearts are engaging and being engaged by God. 

After that, a pastor or guest speaker will give a teaching from God’s Word. 

Together, we work through the Bible and focus on how it affects us on a day-to-day basis. 


What About Kids?

Your kids will spend a maximum of 100 hours a year at church, but as a parent you get about 3,000 hours a year with your children.  Because of this, we understand that what happens at home is ultimately more important that what happens at church.  That's why we've started Orange.  Orange is a partnership between the church and parents.  It is our goal to Incite Wonder, Provoke Discovery and Fuel Passion, so that kids will want to imitate the Character of their Creator. 

To find out more about Orange, click here.

What About Mid-Week?

The most important part of being a part of a faith community is to actually be a part of the community. We value our time together and believe personal relationships are vital to our spiritual growth.  One of the ways we can build relationships with other Christ-followers is in our Adult Small Groups.  These are small groups of people who gather to share in spiritual conversation, prayer, and a focus on touching our communities with the life and love of Jesus.  We have several mid-week gatherings for men and women, as well as many Sunday morning groups. You can read more about them here.