Dear sister and friend,

As we come to late summer, I am beginning to think about the upcoming year (fall 2018 – spring 2019) for women’s ministry. I’d like to share a few thoughts with you regarding activities and goals for the year.

Firstly, I am always thinking about bringing people into intimate relationship with God and each other. I continue to be motivated by Titus 2:4, in which we are exhorted to train the younger women in godliness. I’d like to encourage you to evaluate your life in light of this exhortation. No matter your age, there is someone younger than you on the journey who could use an encourager, friend and mentor. My hope is that every woman in the church is pouring into a younger woman.

I know that many of you are involved in a bible study or small group of some kind from the church. You are to be commended for making time for this in your busy life. It’s so important...irreplaceable really, in the Christian walk. Keep availing yourselves of this important fellowship, and reach out to your fellow sisters to do the same. If you know someone who isn’t connected in this way, invite her to your group. Attached you will find everything that will be going on for women in the upcoming year (as far as I know!)

Finally, I continue to have more ideas than time or energy to put them all into action. If you are interested in getting involved in ministry to women, please reach out to me. We could pray and talk. I would like to put a prayer team into action that would get together bi-monthly just to read scripture and pray over our church family. I would like to do a bi-monthly “Day In The Word” where we would spend a Saturday (maybe 9-3) in a mini-conference type study day. I would like to create a team that would coordinate out-of-town trips for us. These are a few of the ideas I have. There are more!

God bless you and thank you for your love for God, the church and each other. It’s a great joy to be with you on the journey. So much love.....Sandy

You may request contact information from our church administrator Beth Duplisea at 989-3912, or feel free to contact your Women’s ministry team at God bless you and we hope to see you soon.



**One-on-one counseling, discipling and mentoring all are available by request. Email the team at for more information. Your request will be kept confidential.


(email for further information)

1. Mentoring for discipling other young women

2. Learning to teach a bible study/Learning to facilitate a small group

3. Co-ministering at The Godparent Home in Bangor on Tuesday nights

4. Co-ministering at The Dwelling Place in Bangor on Friday mornings

5. Ministering praise & worship in a small group setting

6. Prayer ministry for inner healing and spiritual growth and freedom

7. Co-Serving on women’s ministry team for special events

8. Serving on women’s ministry team for annual retreat

9. Coordinator position open for away events for women

10. Co-Mentoring young moms at M.O.P.S meetings alt. Thursdays at the Nazarene Church